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I took the 7-week Mental Fitness (PQ) bootcamp with Coach Sue in January. I'm not exactly sure what I thought would happen, but the program exceeded my expectations. After a year in Quarantine, I was just stuck. Stuck in my thoughts and I couldn't seem to move forward. This program helped me get unstuck and create forward momentum towards my goals. I am now able to identify what is blocking me and by labeling those blocks it is easy to remove them. The program has helped me learn more about having conversations which may begin rooted in conflict, but I am more able to stay with those conversations and have better outcomes. The structure of the program was very well thought out and the App kept me on track every day. Working with a Pod of people helped with accountability and added an element of fun and encouragement. I absolutely recommend this program with Coach Sue, her compassion and cheerful advice brought all the new ideas into practice for me. Thanks!



Sue is compassionate and a great listener; I felt that I was heard and challenged to grow in every call. Her intentional questions provided me with the space to ask the big questions and to articulate my why and my what next. By establishing my values with Sue I have clarity, and am energized and ready for new growth opportunities in my career.



Sue has made a significant difference in my life. She assisted me in navigating through the death of a loved one, helped me truly discover my needs and wants, and always gave me tools for my day to day life. The whole time, being thoughtful, lighthearted and willing to ask the important questions. She has truly helped me through some of the darkest and most challenging seasons of my life.  I am so thankful to have met her and be able to continue to come to her when needed. She is so genuine, she is so caring and that comes through even on a call. She is organized, professional and has a wonderfully calm and kind demeanor. 

I highly recommend Sue to anyone who wants to take stock of where they are, move forward deliberately, release old beliefs, get organized and just be the best version of themselves. 

Thank you Sue.

Amanda Stovall


To all my nurse friends or friends in healthcare that are feeling burned out and want to go back to loving what you do...I highly recommend you reach out to Sue Trace for help! She is a good friend, a colleague and I worked with her to strengthen her coaching skills. I can tell you she is a natural and a master at what she does! Check her out!

Marla Williams, Practical Solutions Zone



Hey Nurses! I know Sue Trace personally and recommend her as a dynamic and engaging coach with extensive healthcare recruitment and nursing experience. If you are considering a career movement or options, check out her free resources on her link, and give her a call.

Heidi A. Monroe, PhD, MSN, RN, CPN



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